How to Fish with Your Kids for the First Time

Paul Greenberg, best-selling author of “Four Fish”, shares his tips on fishing with kids during a fishing trip with his 3 year old son, Luke, and his 15 year old daughter, Tanya. They go to an urban fishing spot, Sheepshead Bay in NYC and visit a local tackle shop. He encourages parents to discuss the issues that might come up and says, “it is a good way to introduce kids to the complexity of the world.”


  • Pick a modest fishing trip
  • Make sure that you have a clear escape route – no long boat trips
  • If they are tired, stop, there is no reason to push them
  • Ask for advice at a local tackle shop
  • Keep gear simple
  • Make it about the process
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Barbara DeGrande

It is very sad that teaching children it is okay to torment animals is considered good parenting. Recent research shows that fish are sensitive and have much more complex lives than previously believed. It would be far better to teach them the wonders of nature, of animal life, and teach them to respect it rather than slaughter it.


Let’s face it, kids eat fish. Today’s kids are so detached from where their food comes from. I think any way that we can help them be connected will help them grow up to be responsible citizens. From there we can hope to create a sustainable, compassionate world. Do you eat vegetables? Wear clothes? When you consume something it connects you to a web of people, animals and nature that you might not be aware of. Consider the farm workers who pick your tomatoes and the conditions they are living under, their children growing up in poverty. Be careful who you judge. Look inward first.

Flavia Jordan

I think it’s important to keep an open mind about people’s beliefs and be respectful of their opinions.
I’m glad Mr. Greenberg shared this experience with us.

Fish are Food

Really @ Barbara
You are worried about teaching our children about fishing. I guess you grow your own vegetables and only eat them when they fall off the vine by themselves. SMH. Get a clue. The world is a wonderful and terrible place at that same time. And a good day out with your kids and a few rods in thew water is a good day!

Marcos Gonzalez

Paul, I was *very* interested in your piece about teaching kids to fish. I have a fishing rod that addresses this specifically and makes casting a snap. I would be grateful if you had a look:
Sincerely, Marcos Gonzalez

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