Securing the Future of our Food 07.19.11

Securing the Future of our Food

As we rapidly approach 7 billion citizens, it is clear that one of our most prevalent issues will be securing food for our growing population. Food security is one of our biggest challenges as it involves many aspects, ranging from production to labeling and finally securing a healthful and sustainable food system. The preservation of Bristol Bay, home to nearly 40 million spawning salmon a year, is an essential step towards maintaining our food security. The proposed construction of a copper mine in this otherwise pristine territory that is home to numerous species, including the wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon, would irreparably endanger the existence of one of the last wild foods. Salmon is frequently listed as one of the super foods, rich in omega-3 fatty oils, making it an excellent source of protein for children as well as adults. The future of wild salmon (and our food system) is in your hands, please sign the petition and help preserve Bristol Bay for your kids and generations to come.

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