Kids Can Cook! 08.29.10

Kids Can Cook!

Jamie Oliver saves lives in his own way – “I firmly believe that the power of food has a primal place in our homes.” Kids need to learn how to cook. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make our families happier and improve everyone’s health.

Sometimes I feel like it takes too long to cook with my kids – it’s generally quicker and easier for me to cook solo. But at least a few times a week, my husband and I cook with them – Saturday pancakes are a favorite, because I think cooking together is a near-ideal combination of learning, bonding, playing, and mess!

They love to measure flour and stir in spices, and Nina, at 5 years old, is almost ready to start chopping fruit and vegetables. You can watch our expert Latham Thomas cook with her 6 y.o. son Fuli.

Here’s a comment on Jamie’s great talk from Michal Garcia that really resonated with me:

“It was not until this talk that I thought of the disconnect between eating everyday and me personally not knowing how to cook, or being taught cooking in school. My hometown school district in Eagle Pass, Texas offers free lunch to all students as it is a low-income district.

Often, students are given an option to purchase food from the “snack bar” on campus, but there is not a healthier option available, the snack bar sells hamburgers, chips and the like.

The city itself loves food and cooking, but has a similar disconnect with healthier foods as do the schools. A few of Jamie’s recipes in high circulation could make a big difference. With such a high incidence of obesity and diabetes, Jamie’s program would be very well suited to my hometown.

Here, here, Michal! I feel the same way about Nina’s public school’s universal free breakfast program (and the school lunch also).

Warmly, Sarah

Sarah Schenck
Sarah Schenck

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