#LunchNotes 12.07.11


#LunchNotes– One fun food fact a day to share at mealtime!

Parent Earth is excited to announce #LunchNotes. Every morning we will tweet a new fun food fact, some are nutritional and some are silly, but all are informative! Follow us on twitter to get #LunchNotes – at 6:30 AM ET and again at 6:30 AM PT.

For Parents:

If  you prepare your child’s lunch in the morning, you can write these little facts as notes for your child’s lunchbox. These fascinating tidbits will hopefully spark conversations about healthy eating at the lunch table.  Tip: add a line of encouragement or love to let your kids know you are thinking about them while they are at school. Enjoy!

For Teachers:

Follow us on twitter, and post the #LunchNotes on the blackboard or as a note at the lunch table table to spark lunchtime conversations about food.

Parent Earth
Parent Earth

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