Marion Nestle’s Thoughts on Snow Day Ice Cream 02.21.11

Marion Nestle’s Thoughts on Snow Day Ice Cream

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A concerned viewer criticized our snow day ice cream video.  To shed light on the matter, I’ve contacted the leading authority on snow at Penn State University’s Metereology Dept., Dr. George Young (still waiting to hear back from him, given that it’s a holiday weekend).   In the meantime, I also reached out to NYU Professor Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health, and world-renowned nutrition authority Marion Nestle.

This is what she had to say:

“It’s no different than drinking rainwater.  One of the ecstatic treats of my childhood was hanging around the sugaring off and plopping spoonfuls of hot maple syrup onto ersatz snow cones.  I just can’t imagine that anyone eats enough of it to do any harm.  12 inches of snow equals 1 inch of water.  You have to eat a lot of it to get much water.  But I tend to be fairly relaxed about such things.”

She also recommended that we check in with the EPA which we are doing also.  We’ll keep you posted on what we learn.

If you live on the East Coast – enjoy the new fluffy blizzard!

Warrrrrrrmly, Sarah

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