Parent Earth Screening Kit called a “HUGE SUCCESS” at Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) Conference 12.05.11

Parent Earth Screening Kit called a “HUGE SUCCESS” at Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) Conference

380 screenings in food pantries, schools, community organizations and health clinics across the USA!

Over 220 community food leaders and organizers from around the country committed to organizing screenings at the  Community Food Security Coalition conference in Oakland this past November.  Each group is using the Parents Stand Up For Food DVD and Toolkit that we launched at the conference.  In addition,  160 groups have ordered the DVD Toolkit online or picked them up at other events.

Over the course of the fascinating three-day conference, Parent Earth successfully distributed the toolkits and participated in workshops and panels.  Nicole Betancourt, Margaret Sclafani, and I met farmers, grassroots organizers, home gardeners, concerned parents, and food activists from all over the country.  It was inspiring to connect with the amazing grassroots community leaders at the conference (1,000 people attended). We also videotaped over a dozen interviews. (Subscribe to our mailing list and find out when we post new videos)

Parent Earth’s Founder Nicole presented the 3 videos about the Farm Bill during the plenary session on “Demystifying and Reclaiming the Food and Farm Bill,” that included Congresswoman  Chellie Pingree, Kathy Mulvey, Dan Imhoff and was moderated by Pam Roy.

After the screening and panel, crowds swarmed around the Parent Earth exhibit table in the Convention Center Lobby requesting the free DVD screening kit.  It was exciting to see so many activists hungry for the videos and discussion toolkit.

The toolkit includes: DVD with the three videos: Parents Stand Up For Healthy Food PSA, On the Frontlines of Childhood Obesity, and Food Hero: Karen Washington along with a 13-page screening guide packed with helpful tips, discussion questions, surveys, and talking points.

These three videos are designed to excite parents and families about food policy by showing how it affects them. Karen Washington, featured in Food Hero, sees the videos as part of a solution to a common problem that community groups face:  “How do you get to the mom with 2-3 children who shops at the bodega? How do we get her interested in the Farm Bill? Because right now people just want to eat and when you talk about the Farm Bill, people think ‘I am not on a farm so I am not going to care.’”

Screenings of the videos have already sparked discussions in Detroit, Battle Creek, Los Angeles, New York City, and reports are starting to roll in from people about their events.  According to screening host Kelly Carlisle, Founder and Executive Director of Acta Non Verba in San Francisco, “The videos were outstanding. They brought up a lot of questions the kids had about obesity and disabilities and drew the parallel between our garden and what Karen Washington is doing in New York.”

Here at Parent Earth we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to distribute hundreds of DVDs free of charge with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and CFSC (with funding from the Department of Health and Human Services). Even if you didn’t get a chance to go to the CFSC Conference, you can still host a screening of the Parents Stand Up For Food videos. Just visit the “Host a Screening” section of our website!

Posted by Yolanda Gonzalez, Outreach and Marketing Coordinator, Parent Earth

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