I love yogurt and so does my 4 year old, so we always have lots of it in the fridge. But as it can happen with a busy family, sometimes the refrigerator is so chock a block full, it’s impossible to see what’s inside, and yogurt gets ‘lost.’ I HATE to throw away food, but I don’t want to make my family sick, either – so what to do if the yogurt is expired?

Here’s a short and sweet answer from Dr. Marion Nestle on whether it is safe to eat yogurt after its expiration date: “This question is easy: smell and taste it. If it’s bad, don’t eat it.”

Two days ago, I ate a Wallaby organic vanilla yogurt that had expired on April 19 (over 2 weeks ago). It was yummy, and I feel fine. In general, most yogurts will last 2 to 3 weeks past the expiration date.

DON’T eat the yogurt if it smells or tastes bad, is blue/green, or shows any signs of discoloration or spoilage. Click here to read more.


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I went shopping yesterday an d I brought a yogurt.
It kroger yogurt. I decided to eat it tonight half way through eating it i saw the expiration date was “sell by: Jan 09 I freaked out because I ate the same one earlyier what will happen??


I purchased 10 kroger yogurt from a store when i ate two of them, on the second on i relized the sell by date said Jan 09 that 3 years expired, what will happen


so how long does expired yogurt alst 3 vweeks is considire 21 days can it last that long


Ummm yes Angela the expiry date was Jan 9th a month after you wrote that post, so it was well within the sell by date. And Liza, did you read the article?? Two to three weeks past the sell by date should be safe, but smell and taste just to make sure

Robert Orlando

Does anyone know how to spell or punctuate?


Agree with Robert!!! I couldn’t understand anything they were talking about because their spelling is horrible!! Lazy Americans!!! Their laziness shows in every aspect of American life now, from their house cleaning to even their spelling!!!




Doreen – wtf? You assume the poster was an American and then you stereotype all of them?!? Ha! That really says a lot about your intelligence and your character. Way to go. <– That's sarcasm, by the way.


Well I just ate two cups of month old yogurt and I am fi…LOL bit of humor there. Really, if it smells bad there’s probably no need to taste it to verify if it’s putrid. A sell by date doesn’t mean a product magically spoils the day after. Think of it as a maximum freshness date not a spoil by date.


Wow. Let’s cut people some slack. These people are looking for guidance, not judgment (and probably didn’t realize there were spelling nazis patrolling this site). Blanket insults lack imagination and betray a general inability to communicate rationally. Look in the mirror and remove that plank from your own eye first…judging people is far worse than not spelling correctly!


Doreen, hop on your broom and scat before a house falls on you.


I’m not judging, I’m just saying… I agree with Robert. It’s hard to communicate when you can’t understand the language.


I just ate some that got over looked somehow with the others that was 8months old!! Found another one that was 3wks. Anyhow it tasted ok, OMG I hope I don’t get sick or something…


To the idiots complaining about spelling errors…GET A LIFE! (Or…Git a Lyfe!)

Jorge with a J

I ate a month out of date yougart that tasted bad though it was cause I just took a zicam melt , I couldn’t smell it nose was stopped up . After I ate it i saw it was outof
date I suddenly got sick to my stomach took a Zantac went to bed , this morning on the thrown getting rid of yogurt . I more than likly will ck date next time if I live through the day haha

Agonizing Expired-Yogurt-Induced Death

I just put a yogurt dated May 01 12 into my breakfast shake. It smelled and tasted OK, but I just realized that’s a long time ago. I will post updates of my agonizing yogurt-induced illness and ultimate death as the events unfold…. It was peach, by the way.


It’s nice to know that aside from Doreen, the posters here have a sense of humor!! Here’s hoping that Jorge feels better (and has learned – don’t eat stuff that smells bad, except for stinky cheese…).


Just ate some good stinky cheese and a good brand of yogurt dated Over a month old, still alive to tell it! And the yogurt was fine.


Past week at remaining 6 Greek yogurts ALL with an expiration date of August 24, 2012. Today is March 6, 2013. Taste, texture, and smell were all good – the same things I check with any food.


Just because they don’t know how to spell you automatically assume they are American? Fuck you, I’m sure there’s ignorant Britons(or any other english speaking country)as much as in America. I know how to spell and I’m not fat.


An American


im an aussie living in the usa and robert and doreen this is not about grammar, spelling or anthing to do with that it is about use by dates. get a life and go on a spelling site in future. there r people in all countries who cant spell. its really annoying how everything gets blamed on americans. shut the F**k up.


I just ate a Fage Greek yogurt that expired in June of 2012. Was impressed when I opened, no smell, and taste great!

Erik "the menace" Maldonado

Well I guess it’s time to throw away all the blueberry yogurt. I noticed a slight blue discoloration in the cups. How peculiar.

Mommy of 4

This has been very amusing….where am I?


By the way, Doreeeen, since you are the expert, since when would eleven exclamation points in one paragraph be grammatically correct?!!!


Haha! Good come back Darcy!

Spelling and grammar police

To Darcy: it’s correct to have eleven exclamation points in one paragraph if you have eleven exclamatory statements which require said punctuation.

To Doreen: you do need to get a life. We all know there were words misspelled. Unless you are the editor of this page and its contents, who are you to openly criticize others statements? And cut the American bashing. Yes, many Americans (generally those of an age to text on their phones, that goes for the same group in other countries as well) are lazy when it comes to grammar and spelling. But answer me this, did you understand the statements that were made? I have a master’s degree, majoring in English, and had no problem understanding the misspelt, incorrect grammar in the statements you referenced. While I would have preferred correct spelling (and punctuation for that matter), it got Angela’s point across. Go hurl your insults somewhere else Doreen.

To all, the same basic principle applies to all food that my mother taught me years ago, “when in doubt, throw it out. If you already ate it, just wait and see.” If it looks and smells good, you are fine.


After reading generally intense bits if this and that birthed from the question of the longevity of yogurt, I just thought I’d add…for the fun of it…plain yogurt, youthful, dead or loooong expired, makes a great hair treatment. :) just slather it on and leave it in for as long as you want, wash it out…your hair will love you for it. American bad-spelling or ethnic, grammatically correct hair.


Lol so I was really hungry and just wanted to find out if it were safe to eat my one month past exp. date chobani. Oh my goodness never expected all the mean mud slinging. The human condition is very interesting. How bored are we folks? I’m not one to talk.. I read them all, lol. Please don’t judge my grammer I’m sure something was incorrect. Btw, totally ate the chobani (blood orange) and it was amazing. Lol, that was 10 min ago so I still may die.. Keep posting folks, you’re hilarious!!! But seriously, lets try to be kind. You never know what someone is going through. Was this about yogurt?? Ha


Sour cream is technically already “soured.” Does the same apply to yogurt? I live by the smell and look rule. Milk especially. Just because it says it is good until a certain date doesn’t mean it will make it that long.


Glad to find the forum answers between the spelling errors and corrections. Now to check my yogurt. It’s expensive and I cannot understand why one day I buy a dozen little cups, eat one or two and then ignore the rest that are in plain sight. Maybe because I equate it with medicine or am afraid it will do too good a job. The ads kind of back up my suspicions.


this article is so wrong in SO many ways, i encourage you to read a reliable source and not this gibberish

Lear your facts!


this thread is unbelievable. makes me think twice about judging. Doreen, how did you know my house is a mess? Liliputh, I want to lear.


Um, don’t any of you people know how to READ THE EXPIRATION DATE before buying it? Start reading labels, people.
And what kinds of stores are these that are selling perishable food a year or more past their freshness date? I find that alarming. I never see that in the stores I shop in…Maybe a few weeks past the date, but then I tell the manager that they are selling expired food, and they pull it from the shelves.
This isn’t really a joking matter – people give yogurt to young children, elderly people, and immune suppressed people, and if it makes them ill, they could end up in the hospital.


Wow! I’m Japanese and absolutely amazed by how rude people from the United Kingdom are. Always stereotyping and making false accusations! Is this really how you British want the rest of the world to view you? As rude, ugly, hateful people? Maybe you should worry about yourselves! I HATE people like you with a passion.


I ate some expired yogurt and died.I am now in Heaven where nothing has an expiration date. Heavenly!!


Cleaning out the fridge have found yoghurt expire date june 13 Opps nearly 3mths but looks, smells and tastes fine :)


I read all the comments (and hope I will spell and punctuate correctly here although my house is a mess–let me see, what was the connection again?) and can’t believe that NO ONE (sorry for yelling) missed the original question. The first poster DID NOT eat out of date yogurt. The expiration date was for the following month. It said Jan 09 (month and day, not month and year) because I’m sure the maker assumed people buying small individual yogurts won’t be storing them long term! So while this has been an amusing and even informative post, I think we can all feel better about Kroger that it doesn’t sell 3 year old yogurt.


Our best guess is that it was produced around 9 minutes past some hour or other e.g 01 05 11 10 09, and probably not 2009. The yogurt would probably not even resemble yoghurt in fact I would be surprised if the container would still look remotely normal having either swollen like a balloon, collapsed in on itself or split and crawled away to establish a new sentient culture (badam kerching!)

Good luck and don’t worry we all make little mistakes best not to panic. More people are killed in accidents while losing control of their car while dealing with a spider than all other spider related deaths. Keep calm and carry on.


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Spencer Montgomery

My boyfriend brought home some yoghurt that was 5 weeks past the date, and it smelled fine. We both ate it without incident.


Hey. Anyone ever think that it may be typing errors verses errors in spelling or grammer? tthe keyboards get any smaller I will hav


I noticed that none of the people who ate expired yogurt actually came back to inform us that they did not die. I think they died.


I ate some expired yogurt. I feel fine. If you eat bad yogurt what happens? Do you develop obvious symptoms such as not being able to decipher phone texts, extreme hatred of misspelled words and lack of punctuation and the overwhelming urge to hurl random insults at an entire country? Mad Yogurt Disease?


Just ate some Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt that expired a month ago. Let’s see how this turns out! It smelled and tasted fine.


Doreen, I would just like to thank you for your insightful input on how lazy we Americans are. I am sure you are right and would like to thank you for showing me how wrong I have been my whole life. Promptly after reading your comment I studied very intently (which is hard in America because everyone is so lazy) and now I believe I have achieved eloquence. Again, I would just like to thank you for pointing out a flaw in someone, maybe next time you should compliment them instead of criticizing them, its not very nice and you wouldn’t want to be the one person who starts a stereotype for a whole group of people.


Some things do get better with age-cheese for example. Which is a dairy product as I am sure is well enough known (I hope).

(This site needs comment like buttons..or something. Some of these are hilarious responses!)

And this spelling/grammar debate is old… Some people may not be able to spell correctly for reasons other than just wanting to piss off the crazed grammar/spell bots.

Or perhaps they are foreigners learning a language? Or some other reason.


Never assume… because you know what it makes you!?

TestTaster (the artist previously known as TasteTester)

Eating out-dated ideas will make you bitter and display poor judgement in the form of text critique, nationality bigotry, and inability to see flaws when looking in a mirror.

Iron Stomach, Empty Wallet

Hello All. Thank God for these postings. I ate most of a Dannon Greek Yogurt Cup from October 2013 last night. I am still here to tell the tale. I did take a natural enzyme chewable. But I am still here.

Iron Stomach, Empty Wallet

Also, to Doreen, if she ever returns. Americans are overworked, not necessarily lazy. Many Americans can’t explain an opera or speak another language but it doesn’t mean we don’t work hard. We work more hours than most nations (excepting South Korea, Japan) and we don’t take many vacations. There have been studies that “say so”….This is an INFORMAL place to share views. You don’t need to give it the weight you would give an essay on a Greek tragedy or a dissertation. I hope you aren’t IN AMERICA if you hate us so much. It’s terrible that so many people enjoy our freedoms and the right to make money amongst us “lazy” people, but can’t muster even a bit of empathy for us. If we were any less kind, you wouldn’t be here. We would have closed immigration.

Rebecca Addington

Wow. I was browsing, just wanted to know if my one-month-past-date light and fit Dannon Greek yogurt would be okay to eat and here I am in the middle of a sh$t storm! I will say I think Doreen is taking the ugly American thing a little too far – really? All of us are lazy and have unfit homes? It’s the whole texting thing I think that has made people lazy in their grammar and spelling – speaking “bingo” as one woman elsewhere put it (i.e. B4 ). But I do run on and by the way, I consumed the month old container and STILL have the strength to comment….so, yes, Virginia! you CAN eat out of date yogurt with no harm. And I am not shouting, simply putting emphasis on certain words….thanks for listening and sharing everyone. Really entertaining.

Stomach of Steel

I just ate a yogurt which expired in November 2013. I think I might actually have obtained super powers.


I ate some that expired over a year ago..tasted effects..sniffed it first..all good.

Toni Harbage

It truly is amazing we read comments to critize and find fault. Discussing the topic is the item not generalizing ethnicity nor where we were born or chose to be. The topic is the expiration date and expiration date of said yogurt. After all, that is why I was reading the post. And our cell phones are not always gracious with our spelling. Now I am going to take the yogurt out of the garage refrigerator and add it to my vegetable broth soup I just made from scratch. Thank you everyone for your help.


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which chemical is use for yogurt to maintain taste in refrigerator fo a month in plastic packing

Death in a plastic tub

I keep putting off eating some Greek yogurt I’ve had for a month past it’s use by. Not a big fan of the stuff. This site has inspired me to leave it another couple of months! On the subject of grammar and racism, I love the way peole assumed Doreen and Robert were British. I’m British, a little overweight and very lazy, and grammatical errors are a forgivable sin in my country, you only need to read Facebook to see that. I love Americans. It just makes me chuckle when some people complain about someone’s racist assumptions by making their own. We don’t all twizzle pointy moustaches while stroking cats and laughing maniacally in our underground lairs over here you know. I have a dog.

Death in a plastic tub

Sorry that should’ve been people not peole. See grammar. Sigh.


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I have eaten yogurt that expired over a year ago and I was fine. It tasted good. In some countries, they store yogurt on the shelf instead of in the fridge because they like that extra kick it gets. Yogurt is sort of like cheese. But don’t eat it if it’s green and fuzzy or smells bad.

Nikki Ty

Thanks Joe …. and all you encouraging people who like me sometimes find a yogurt which has wandered away to the back fo the fridge. Two weeks seems safe. I just compared two cups … with edible dates a good two months apart. Both tasted exactly the same . .. the usual nasty sour taste of yogurt. Which I eat only to balance stomach flora .. and my excess consumption of chocolate.
I find it odd to see so much bavarcation about spelling and grammar on a forum about yogurt longevity. And yes …. I spelled “bavarcation” correctly. I know … because I coined the word myself on a dare … and now it’s all over the internet. Too funny.

Now continue with the bavarcations …


I’m here to join the old yogurt eaters of America club. Just consumed a plain Greek yogurt that “expired” 34 days ago. Best yogurt I ever had. Now where’s my T-shirt?

American Yogurt Eating Chick

I love that this post started as expired yogurt and slowly turned into a rant about spelling and grammar. I was trying to figure out if I’d get sick after eating 5 month old yogurt, but the comments were much more entertaining. #proudtobeanamerican

Amy Starowesky

You want to answer or ask a question, be clear. Spell correctly! Ya all sound like a bunch if middle school drop outs. You give the right information but can’t put it into correct wording, it could cause illness or death. Typing could be the problem. Not spelling. Hats off to you, Doreen. Thus we should use core values in every state. Geesh !!!!!!!!!!!


I just opened a cottage cheese that was never opened before and has expiration date of 5/14 and it was all off white colored liquid and chunky. Funky smell too. Surprised as it is not THAT far off from being expired. Having said that I found in the back of the fridge also an unopened Kirkland brand (from Costco) Greek yogurt with a 6/13 expiration date and I openbed the foil seal and everything looked normal and smelled normal. Maybe a little more liquid than you’d normally see, but I mixed it around and attempted to taste it. Low and behold it tastes normal. What do I win for eating yogurt OVER a year old. 1 year and 4 months PAST expiration. I wonder if anyone has hit the 2 year past expiration date before with Greek yogurt? Also is there special properties of Greek yogurt that make it last longer? The oldest yogurts still edible I have read on here just so happen to be of the Greek variety?


I just ate a yogurt that was only about a week over the Best Buy date. It wasn’t moldy, nor did it smell or taste bad. But it was a little liquid-y. I know it’s safe, but I wanted to know yogurts general shelf-life. This is really good to know!

E Galavic

Jus ate a 2 MONTH OLD ACTIVIA… date on top of yogurt was 9/27/2014 — strawberry flavored — purchased at costco — Today is 10/26/2014…. It tasted DELICIOUS and had not mold or discoloration.
My theory is that the sugar and live bacteria cultures kept mold from growing or from spoiling the yogurt… ill keep you updated!!!

John Dias Ferreira

I have just been so ill! Suspecting the old yogurt and cream i mixed last week to make the low fat creamier! Any way i cook alot of game curries and this helps tenderize the meat and balance the spice! Well for the first time in my life ^+*#€\|{}\] and wow 24 hours later I feel like I was run over by a steam roller and kicked 100 yards by the Yankee full back and then thrown back into the mix to boot! Any one know what might have happened?


it’s Nov. 1. I am eating a yogurt that expired Oct. 24. Right now, like as I type this. Tastes great. Also proof reading this post because I do not want to get yelled at by grammar nazis…mmm. Yogurt.


I am severely dyslexic
I’m an adult and
I’m so sad I can’t b excepted by others because
I spell very poorly :(


Fuck all you americans

The Grammar Eating Yogurt God From America

These posts have me rolling in a blissful state of pure hilarity. I bought some Chobani Greek Yogurt yesterday that apparently has a “sell by” date of May 18 2014. Some of the yogurt related comments above have me thinking of trying one of them and seeing how it goes..Not being a pioneer of the “post sell-by date” food eating endeavor, I am just slightly wary of consuming this yogurt. Anyway, hope all is well with everyone who has eaten old yogurt.


just ate a 1 month past sell by date yogurt… looked and tasted fine, but then after eating 90% of it, I started to wonder.. found this site and figured I’d share… if I die, I’ll you know.


Why is it at websites people get off the subject?
Spelling? Really? People are probably working or have a life (lyfe was an actual spelling). Look the point is, we all are trying to save money but stay safe. But some people obviously like to be mean or picky or are just arses without a lyfe and are probably cowed by their parents/spouses, etc. and have to bully someone online.

Alejandra Madrid

I am still cracking up at all of these comments… This definitely made my day, I could not stop laughing at the random comments that people would post… This was HILARIUOS…And yes I know its mispelled you guys dont have to kill me over it…And thanks for all those people that have a life and still know how to have fun


Doreen…. Fuck off!!

Not an expert

I remember reading that the yogurt expiration date is the date that the probiotics are no longer beneficial. It is not the date date that the yogurt will go bad. Do some research and see if this is still true.


I ate some yogurt last evening with a “best by” date of October 17, 2014. It smelled, looked, and tasted normal to me. It is now 3:12 p.m the day after and no ill effects. I was kind of hoping to get diarrhea for a few days or something; that seems like an easy way to lose a couple of lbs. :D For those who may not be able to count (Doreen?), that is almost 3 months.

Sinn Jones

Thank you all so much for the informative posts. Very interesting. I am reading as I eat my expired yogurt. I feel I am paying homage to the Yogurt Gods by eating rather than discarding this silken Greek loveliness. Fingers crossed. @ Doreen…I fucked an American once #OMFG!!!!!!!! …it was awesome, maybe you should try it.


This is hilarious!

Risking it

As I type, I am trepedatiously eating a Greek Yogurt 12 days past date. It seems most people that had bad yogurt are fine, and perhaps the worst that will happen is stomach cramps or diarhea (I have a bottle of pepto ready just in case). It’s the 2nd yogurt of my morning since the first one was so good, but the first was still within range. The 2nd was in the back. I do see a slight difference in taste, but not in color, texture or smell. I’ll just stir in a few more berries.


i am eating SEALED greek yogurt over three months old and feeling great :)

steve secord

Sorry. I just had to say sorry and please have a nice day. Thank you. Sorry if I misspelled words. Please don’t eat expired yoghurt because I felt funny in my stomach after eating expired yoghurt which was only three days old. Sorry.


Thanks for all the great info and entertainment! Arrived here while seeing if I would meet my maker if I ate a Costco Yoplait Light Peach yogurt that expired on 12-26-14 (it’s 02-19-2015). Much to my relief it looks like I will survive the yogurt but I may pass away from laughing to hard! Thanks to all that took the time to post!


I love you Doreen. No, wait I think I hate you. You disgust me. LOL


Sometimes I eat yogurt almost 1 month past the exp date, and it’s fine. Because yogurt is fermented, it can keep long and the probiotics stay. Fermentation is a form of preservation.


I ate some organic lowfat vanilla yogurt that was four weeks past it’s prime and got some bad gas but that’s it. I think I’m going to bake with the rest of it. Maybe I’ll post the results of that experiment here as well.

I thought this was a discussion about yogurt? Can we all just be nice to each other please?


I just ate some Lucerne (Safeway/Vons brand) yogurt that was at least a month past the expiration date. I can’t say for sure when it expired though, because the date was largely illegible/faded. I will post updates when I get sick.


I am eating some expired yogurt now. Will post again if I survive. This is a silly post. Did you know yogurt is made from fermented (sour) milk? ;-) Anyway…here goes!!!


Thanks for all the advice… and btw people, up top, you grammar police you… God love you !!!


…I really would like to say to all of the wonderful people who distracted me while I ate my yogurt Just now :-) . I have a hard time eating so when I do get hungry I often go to my refrigerator and grab a cup of yogurt. As I was tucking myself in to bed tonight, I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day. Well of course I go downstairs and I grab a cup of yogurt (yes all the while looking at the expiration date) and realize it expired 2 weeks ago (insert sad face). Well because I find the Internet to be quite resourceful, I take my yogurt and open it ( looks good) , proceed to smell it (smells good), grab my phone ….ask the question and I land on this discussion. I have read, I have laughed , I have frowned…..BUT I also forgot what the hell I came here for, looked in my hand and there was the empty cup!!!! Yum Yum now off to bed. Thank you all because I really wanted to eat my yogurt without second guessing of it was bad. Off to bed I go and I really don’t care how my speling, grammar or punctuation is because I’m tired and sleepy so I’m excused :-)


I never got sick. I had another one of those same old yogurts (now 2 months past due date) and am totally fine. The yogurt was fine. My coworker told me yogurt is safe as long as the lid isn’t bulging. Go figure.


Isn’t yogurt full of bacteria anyway? It probably just gets better! (Never gotten ill from expired stuff. But I have from restaurant salad bars.) Those who got sick– strengthen your immune system. ( =

Debating on Eating my old yogurt

I looked for the follow up from “Agonizing Expired-Yogurt-Induced Death” There’s not one…should we be concerned??


I’m eating greek yogurt right now that is not only expired but had some mold on the side of the container. I just scooped out the good stuff in the middle. wish me luck. Oh sorry. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!


Eye just 8 sum ten day old yogurt and I iz havin’ an hard thyme ‘membering how 2 spel an’ speek. Hahaha.

Late to the Yogurt Party

This thread has been growing continuously for years. Literally- YEARS. FYI, I opened a container of yogurt back in May 2011 and I’ve just been lurking this thread and eating the yogurt all the while. Very slowly. Because I am a retarded, fat, filthy American and I have nothing else to do. *burp*

Late to the Yogurt Party

Ps. Yogurt is basically the booze of the dairy world. Does whiskey go bad? No. But it might evaporate.


Annie did you survive eating around the mold? Eeew. ;-) And here I was curious about eating a yogurt dated only 2 days ago – guess I can be a little less finicky!

Re grammar and punctuation, its mainly a problem when you have to read a sentence three times to try to figure out what’s being said (and that, sadly, does occur with some frequency), otherwise, who cares. But really, how hard is it to throw in the occasional comma or period?

I’m an overweight American who can write reasonably well, and I have a clean house because I pay someone to clean it. So there, Doreen!

I wonder if Doreen and Robert have been back to see that people are still talking about them several years later?!

Dottie Johnson

I thought this thread was about yogurt. I guess I accidentally came to the wrong one.


this post has been going on for 2 years and the whole time it’s 50% about yogurt 49% about spelling and grammar, and 1% people like be who just comment on the comments

Georgette Fresquez

I also just was concerned anout pep are so cruel. Who cares if ure spelling. Usnt that great. R. We all make mistakes..look in the mirror…Only GOD CAN JUDGE…SOMEBODY NEEDS HELP EL SICKO

Come on for sound advice, highly amuzed instead!

Well, I ate my 12 day old yogurt as I read through years of amusement, and so far, so good! Figured worst case scenario, I’d end up in the bathroom for the afternoon. No such luck -good or bad.
Oh…I do wish there were some sort of like/dislike or thumbs up/thumbs down for all these comments. Keep them coming people, I’d rather read this stuff than work. Lazy American? Nah, just taking my lunch break.

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